children's film

Sjors en Sjimmie in het land der reuzen

Children’s film about two popular cartoon heroes who set off to find a rare mineral.

Sjors and Sjimmie travel all the way to Taskara. A rich Chinese man wants them to bring back the rare mineral OQ-4. But Taskara is inhabited by giants and, unfortunately, crooks Boris and Pedro are sniffing around too. The film is the usual Van der Linden mix of humour, excitement and adventure.

Oom Ferdinand en de toverdrank

A magic potion which can make a person invisible plays an important part in this children’s film, full of crazy developments.

So do two naughty good-for-nothings who don’t shrink from stealing when cream cakes are within hand’s reach. There is an exciting chase by boat and car and when a pastry chef’s bakery comes into sight, the inevitable custard pie-throwing scene is, of course, bound to follow.

Sjors en Sjimmie en de toverring

Children’s film about the well-known Dutch heroes Sjors en Sjimmie who end up in the middle ages by means of a magical ring.

Self-taught director Henk van der Linden is regarded as the pioneer of the Dutch children’s film. He made some forty feature length films between 1952 and 1985, often based on popular children’s books and cartoons such as ‘De avonturen van Dik Trom’, ‘Sjors en Sjimmie’ and ‘Billy Turf’ (Billy Bunter). Van der Linden not only directed, produced and edited the film, he also wrote the screenplay, designed the sets and worked behind the camera.

Ridders zonder harnas

Children’s film in which a number of boy scouts find themselves in the Middle Ages.

A group of boy scouts is camping out in the countryside. At night the scout leader reads to them from an old book given to one of the boys by an antiquarian in Amsterdam. It is about a knight from the Middle Ages and his page who have fallen asleep after drinking a magic potion. One of the boy scouts dreams that he finds the knight and his page and brings them to the camp. The point being made is that boy scouts are modern day knights.