children's film

Kees, de zoon van de stroper

Children's film about the son of a poacher who is unfairly accused of stealing.

Kees, the son of a poacher, wants to be in the local boys' club but is turned down. He is friends with a painter who lodges with a poor fisherman's wife in a house in the dunes. When the painter goes away on his travels he gives Kees thirty guilders because he is worried about him. Meanwhile the police are after Kees' father who is hiding in a place only the painter, Kees and his friend Jaap know about.

Pim Pandoer in het nauw

This film is based on two books: ‘Pim Pandoer, de schrik van de Imbosch’ (Pim Pandoer, the Terror of the Imbosch) and ‘Pim Pandoer in het web van de Rode Spin’ (Pim Pandoer in the Red Spider's Web), which serves as a guarantee for exciting adventures, centring in part on a home-made submarine, the target of the Red Spider's evil manipulations.

Drie jongens en een hond

Children’s film about a disabled boy whose faithful dog is stolen.

Jantje is an orphan who lives with his grandfather. His only real friend is Nero, his dog. One day Nero is stolen by a vagrant who wants to sell him. The dog attacks him and the man then tries to drown the dog. Fortunately, he is saved by three boys.

Meanwhile, Jantje’s grandfather has issued a reward of fifty guilders for the person who can bring back the dog. The vagrant reads this and tries to steal the dog again. But the boys manage to stop him and Nero and his master are happily reunited.

Vrijbuiters van het woud

Dutch children’s film about the children of a duke who are kidnapped.

After Duke Alfons dies, his children are kidnapped by his opponent, the power-hungry Count Diederik. The children find a way to escape, however, and flee to the forest, where new adventures follow…

Trouwe kameraden

Children’s film about the friendship between two children and a dog.

Orphans Elsje and Henk are staying with their uncle Janus Zwengel, a poor organ grinder. Every day after school, they and their dog Hector help Janus as he plies his trade. One day Hector is stolen by a dog catcher who sells him to a rich lady and her ill son Freddy.

De man met het zwarte masker

Children’s film by Henk van der Linden about the abduction of a brilliant inventor.

The inventor of a new kind of rocket fuel is abducted by a criminal gang. Two boys and a girl set out to find him. After many twists and turns, adventures, innumerable chases and lots of jokes, they free the professor and turn the gang over to the police.