Geweldige brand te Zandvoort

Reportage about a fire in Zandvoort.

On August 5, 1921, the grillroom ‘Le Bright’ and the circus building 'Palais d'Ete’ in Zandvoort burned to the ground. The reportage contains footage of the fire, and of the Zandvoort fire brigade’s efforts to extinguish it, using only two fire hoses.

Feestelijkheden ter gelegenheid der installatie van den burgemeester M. van Hout te Helmond

Reportage about the festivities to mark the inauguration of Mayor M. van Hout in Helmond, on July 29, 1913.

 This film opens with the arrival of Mayor Van Hout at the station in Helmond, where he makes a speech. He is then taken by carriage to the town hall. The reportage also contains footage of the public on the square – many children look into the camera – as well as the brass band in the bandstand, and the decorated streets.

Feesten te Brielle

Reportage about the festivities in Brielle to celebrate the capture of Den Briel by the Geuzen, exactly 350 years ago.

In this film about the festivities in Brielle, Queen Wilhelmina plays an important role: she inspects a military guard, receives flowers, and unveils a plaque. The Queen Mother Emma and Princess Juliana are also on hand. Due to the large number of day-visitors in Brielle, crowds of pedestrians get stuck in the streets. The capture of Den Briel by the Geuzen is meticulously recreated in an elaborate historical game. At the end, the Queen holds a speech.


Reportage about a shop-window contest in Leeuwarden.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the VVV , a shop-window contest was organized in Leeuwarden. In a series of images, this reportage shows the various shop-windows that were entered in the competition. The names of the shopkeepers are mentioned in the intertitles. At the end, we see the jury making their rounds.