Koninklijk bezoek Groningen

Working footage of a royal visit to Groningen.

In 1922, Queen Wilhelmina, Prince Henry and Princess Juliana visited Groningen. Filmmaker Willy Mullens shot diverse footage of the event, showing the royal family riding through the city, attending church services, and visiting a gathering on an athletic field. Mullens also filmed a blind girl offering flowers to the Queen.

The filmmaker himself – with camera in hand – also briefly appears in the frame.

Kijkjes tijdens de groote kaatspartij te Franeker

Reportage about a pelota match held on August 4, 1920, in Franeker.

The film opens with shots of a parade through the city, a band, and dignitaries riding in a carriage. The bleachers surrounding the field are filled to the last seat. From a special 'tent', the board watches the match, which is played fanatically. Afterwards, the players pose for the camera. The film also contains footage of the audience, who consists almost entirely of men. Finally, we see a tribute being paid to the champions.