Vijfhonderd jaar St. Antoniusgilde

Reportage about the celebrations for the St. Anthony's Guild in Beek en Donk.

In 1520, for the Saint Anthony Abbot, an altar was dedicated in the St. Martin church in Beek en Donk. It had long been assumed that 1520 was also when the St. Anthony’s Guild had been established. But recent research has shown that a guild already existed in 1490. But because the inhabitants of Beek en Donk in 1920 still believed that the guild dated from 1520, the event was widely commemorated. The film shows the historical pageant, and flags are waved.

Van Berkel eendekker aan de grond

Short item about the Van Berkel seaplane.

The Rotterdam engineering factory Van Berkel was well known for its meat-slicers and scales. But between 1918 and 1921, Van Berkel, commissioned by the Department of Navy and Colonies, also designed two types of seaplanes: the Van Berkel W-A and the Van Berkel W-B.

The film shows several men pushing a Van Berkel seaplane into the water.