Uitreiking mobilisatiekruis te Utrecht

Reportage about the presentation of the “mobilisatiekruis” (mobilization cross) in Utrecht. 

The film consists of two parts. The first part deals with the presentation of the mobilization cross. On a kind of outdoor stage, speeches are given. 
The first speech is by the Queen’s Commissioner in Utrecht, H.Th. s'Jacob, followed by General Snijders (who gets the audience to offer three “hurrays”), and finally a speaker who constantly admonishes with his finger; this is probably the secretary of the national association for the mobilization cross, J. de Vries. 

Thuiskomst eerste Indiëvliegers

Reportage about the homecoming of the Dutch East Indies pilots.

“28 April 1925 – A great day for aviation”. This is how this film begins, a film about the homecoming of the Dutch East Indies pilots Van Weerden Poelman, Van der Hoop, and Van den Broeke. After their heroic flight to the Dutch East Indies, they returned to Europe by ship. The last part of the journey, from Paris, was made by plane. At Schiphol airport, a grand welcome awaits them. This is followed by a tour through an equally enthusiastic Amsterdam.

Rondvluchten boven Nederland

Aerial shots of the construction of the Afsluitdijk causeway and Dutch polders. 

Aerial shots taken of the construction of the Afsluitdijk causeway, which was completed in 1932. The plane circles above the construction activities, and shows the part of the dike that has already almost been completed, and the part that is still being worked on. Close attention is paid to the locks. The final shots show the reclaimed land.