Vacantie kinderfeest

Report about the holiday party for Groningen schoolchildren, held on the moors near Rolde, on July 19 1923.

Accompanied by a band, a group of Groningen schoolchildren head for the train station, and then travel to Rolde in Drenthe, where they will spend the day on the moor. In Drenthe, the children play in the sand, and act out a boxing match between the champions Battling Siki and Georges Carpentier. At the end of the day, everyone returns contentedly to Groningen.

Het spoorwegongeluk tusschen Houten en Schalkwijk waarvan H.M. de koningin bijna het slachtoffer werd

Reportage about the havoc following a railroad accident between Houten and Schalkwijk.

On June 7, 1917, the royal train travelling from Den Bosch to Utrecht had a serious accident between Schalkwijk and Houten. Seven carriages derailed, but the saloon car in which Queen Wilhelmina was riding was spared. Although the devastation was great, only a few people were slightly wounded. Everyone was able to continue the journey on that same day.

Serie-wedstrijden om den ESC beker te Edam

Reportage about the matches in the challenge cup held by Edam’s Sport Comité.

The football matches for the challenge cup held by Edam's Sports Comité (ESC) were followed by fans young and old. The reportage shows the Edam football field, in a spacious polder area. The teams E.V.C. (from Edam) and K.F.C. (from Koog aan de Zaan) pose for the camera. During the breaks, the audience enthusiastically waves at the camera. A police officer keeps the youngest spectators off the field. After the matches are over, the camera focuses in on the silver cup.