Geen paniek

A nonsensical comedy with star comedians Johnny Kraaykamp and Rijk de Gooyer in the lead. After many years of success on Dutch television, Geen paniek marked the film debut for the well-loved duo.

When Johnny comes out of prison after serving a five-year sentence, he finds his friend Rijk waiting for him. The latter is anxious to make use of Johnny's talent for finding simple solutions to knotty problems. Together they go into business as 'handymen' who undertake the oddest kinds of jobs.

Sterren stralen overal

Social drama about a family emigrating to Australia.

Taxi driver Piet Amstel is worried about the ‘declining morals’ of 1950s Amsterdam and decides to emigrate to Australia. The government drive to build atomic shelters and the incessant Dutch rain only strengthen his purpose, as Amstel figures sunny Australia would make a positive change for his family. But first he needs to bring his daughter and her criminal boyfriend back on the right path.

De zaak M.P.

Comedy about the theft of the Brussels statue of Manneken Pis.

Kamiel (Albert Mol) steals the famous statue to impress his girlfriend Denise, the daughter of the man who is supposed to guard it (Ko van Dijk). The Belgians think the Dutch have stolen their statue and hit back by stealing the statue of Hansje Brink, the little boy with his finger in the dike. Emotions are running high but in the end the statues are returned to their respective countries. Kamiel and Denise live happily ever after.

Op de Hollandse toer

Popular Dutch entertainer Wim Sonneveld returned to cinemas with this film directed by Harry Booth, the man behind British hits On the Buses and Mutiny on the Buses.

Sonneveld stars as a scatterbrained but imaginative courier with a genius for improvisation, Robbie Henegouwen de Boer. Robbie has only worked for a tour operator for two months, when he is tasked with showing an international coach party around after a colleague is suddenly fired.

Naakt over de schutting

For this comedy thriller Frans Weisz has used the same formula that made De inbreker such a success, and cast the same actors in the leading parts.

Rijk de Gooyer, who is particularly at home in this type of role, plays the part of Rick Lemming, the owner of an amusement arcade. Jon Bluming is once again his willing mate but this time as Ed Swaan, head of a karate school. The setting for their various adventures is typically Amsterdam, including the world of television, yellow journalism and disc promotion, seen in a satirical light.

Een koninkrijk voor een huis!

Comedy about the post-war housing shortage.

Een koninkrijk voor een huis! is based on the Amsterdam city council’s decision to requisition rooms to house homeless people. Heintje Blom, a simple working woman, is told to move into a villa in a posh part of town. The inhabitants are none too pleased but in spite of the class division, a romance blossoms between the rich family’s son and Heintje’s daughter. The two families warm to each other in the end and the happy pair is united in wedded bliss.

Help, de dokter verzuipt

The bestseller on which this comedy was based provided director Nikolai van der Heyde with plenty of picturesque atmosphere as the basis of a sparkling village adventure, set in the late 1920s.

Everyday life proceeds in its lazy rhythm around the leading figure, a country doctor. When he falls hopelessly in love with the frail young school mistress, he realises how inexperienced he is in this field. It seems the course of true love will not run smooth for him, but he is aided and abetted by the village's pastor, who has little authority but plenty of good spirits.