Naar 't Tolhuis

The main characters of the revue, Roland and Camilla, rush to catch the ferry across the IJ to reach the Tollhouse. When this film was screened, the song ‘Kom Kamilleke, kom’ was sung.

A Helping Hand

A poor old fiddler playing his violin in a restaurant is about to be turned out when a diner - himself a famous music-hall artiste - causes him to remain as his guest. The diner tells the manager of the restaurant that, in order to help the old man, he will give a performance of his music-hall act. He then appears in his stage make-up. After a space has been cleared for him, he gives an exceedingly clever acrobatic performance in which he builds a tower with tables, chairs and boxes, up which he climbs, wobbling and floundering.

Kee en Janus naar Parijs

Kee has been a widow for seven years when she meets the jolly butcher Meiblom, who wins her heart because, like her first husband, his name is Janus. After some time she tells her daughter and son that she intends to marry for a second time. The wedding party is attended by Rinus, Hein, Gerrit and all their other friends from the Jordaan, the working-class quarter of Amsterdam.

Kee en Janus naar Berlijn

Kees and Janus, married for 14 years, have lived all their lives in the heart of Amsterdam's working-class quarter, the Jordaan. Two children of 10 and 14 complete their happiness. A shared prize in the lottery gives Janus 668 guilders, to be spent on a holiday in Berlin, where, according to his boss, everything is cheap and beautiful. Friends and relations see them off at the railway station when they set off for Germany, wearing their oldest clothes. In Bentheim, on the border, Kee has a row with a customs officer who wants to see everything she has in her ancient suitcase.

Het vogeltje

A boy gets his revenge on a policeman who has spanked him for drinking from the glass of a visitor to a café. He takes a heap of mud and places his cap over it. He then asks the policeman to keep an eye on the cap because there is a little bird sitting under it. Of course, the policeman's curiosity gets the better of him and he puts his hand under the cap and into the heap of muck, much to the amusement of the boy.