Moutarde van Sonaansee

Comedy by and with comedian Toon Hermans about head-in-the-clouds Mister Moutarde who lives in the village of Sun-at-sea.

In a series of funny scenes, Hermans tells the story of Mister Moutarde whose house is threatened by the owners of the Knik Knak sausage factory who want to tear it down and build a sausage factory in its place. Fortunately, the other villagers, including a French wine seller, the village priest and Mister Moutarde’s new love Helen, an English biologist, want to help him.

Kleren maken de man

Crime comedy involving a rented tuxedo starring Kees Brusse.

A secret document, a stolen tuxedo, a detective, a chase or two and a baffling chain of events… Nothing seems to faze insurance agent Hans (Kees Brusse) who also finds time to win the heart of a beautiful girl. German director Georg Jacoby’s airy comedy included a raft of well-known Dutch actors, such as Rijk de Gooyer, Lex Goudsmit and Andrea Domburg as well as old hands Johan Kaart and Bernhard Droog.


Comedy about two competing brass bands in the village of Lagerwiede.

Bert Haanstra’s directorial debut, based on a screenplay Haanstra co-wrote with Jan Blokker. The film drew two and a half million people to the cinema and remains one of the most popular Dutch films. The village of Giethoorn still reaps the profits from having served as the film’s scenic backdrop.