Nederlands in zeven lessen

Partly staged documentary about post-war life in the Netherlands.

An English filmmaker is commissioned to make a film about the Netherlands but has only seven days to complete it. Helped by a number of friendly Dutch people, he manages to capture the spirit of the country. One of them is stewardess Audrey Hepburn, in her first screen appearance. It was to be her only part in a Dutch film.

Wat zien ik?

Blonde Greet immortalised for Dutch readers in the novels of actor-author Albert Mol, is the Irma la Douce type of prostitute with a heart of gold - simple, clever and witty all at once. Piet Römer plays the irresistible social worker in this quick, colourful farce about the ladies of Amsterdam nights and their guardian angels, and their often-harassed costumers.

Makkers staakt uw wild geraas

Film about Dutch society at the beginning of the 1960s.

Three families are preparing for an evening of Saint Nicholas cheer. Each of the families is having problems. One couple, an ad agency man and his wife are growing apart. Another, intensely respectable couple is having trouble coping with their wayward son. The husband in the third couple is an incorrigible womaniser who nevertheless tries to patch things up with his wife.

Spuit elf

Comedy about a village idiot who becomes an enthusiastic fireman.

When fire breaks out, Draes, the village idiot, knows what to do. He turns a chicken coop into a watchtower and even manages to cobble together a fire extinguisher. He is on guard day and night and the villagers are laughing at him behind his back. Then a pyromaniac embarks on a series of fires and at last Draes can show the village what is he is worth.