De mésaventure van een Fransch heertje zonder pantalon aan het strand te Zandvoort

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Short feature film about a seaside visitor without trousers.

'Zandvoort in an uproar! On Saturday morning at roughly 10 o’clock, with beautiful weather and calm seas, a Frenchman sat in a beach chair to gaze upon the magnificent view that the sea always affords, until he slowly began to fall asleep [...]’ So begins a report in the ‘Zandvoortsche Courant’ of July 25, 1905.

The article explains how the man was faced with the oncoming tide, are – to the amazement of the audience – took off his trousers to prevent them from being ruined by the saltwater. On the beach, a mocking crowd awaited him. While trying to escape from the policeman who had rushed to the scene, he jumps into a passing car, and hides out in a small changing cabin. The man then disguises himself in women’s clothing, but is still nabbed by the police. Accompanied by a band and a large crowd, he is escorted to the police station.

The article ends by saying that ‘Messrs. Alberts Frères’ had staged the whole incident for a film in which two of the most popular genres of that period - the locally-shot film and the chase film – would be combined. The incident also made front page news in the ‘Algemeen Handelsblad’ of July 24, 1905 – though that article failed to mention that the incident had been staged for a film.


original title
De mésaventure van een Fransch heertje zonder pantalon aan het strand te Zandvoort
foreign release title
Les aventures d'un Français sur la plage de Zandvoort
alternative title
Ongeval van een Fransch heertje zonder pantalon uit Zandvoort
production year
release date
geographical names
nederlandse vertoner
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Technical notations

Black & White


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