Uit de oude doos


Compilation of footage from the early days of film.

The film was produced in 1948 by Haghefilm, the production company of Willy Mullens. Some years before, a member of the newspaper 'Haagsche Courant' had come across some cans with old film footage in in the building of Sijthoff Pers. They turned out to contain 68mm films that were screened by The Mutoscope around 1900, and consisted of Dutch as well as foreign-made items - including footage of Pope Leo XIII, Queen Victoria and President William McKinley.

Haghefilm reduced the 68mm material to the conventional 35mm film format and then edited the films into a compilation. This compilation was made to look like a film screening the early days of film: a series of short films presented by a narrator (in this case Nicholas Körmedy, the compiler of the film). A pianist provided musical accompaniment.
At the end of the film producer Willy Mullens appears. He speaks to the viewers and pays tribute to the old Queen Wilhelmina and her successor Queen Juliana.

In the film, the following fragments:


-  'Uitlopen van de Biograaf', 1899.

-  'Venice, Italy'; 'Brug der Zuchten' and San Marco-plein, 1898.

-  'The Black Cat and the Diner for Two', 1898. British farce with cat under a bell jar.

-  'Maxim Rapid Fire Gun': machine gun, fired by inventor Hiram Maxim, 1897.

-  American farce with living mannequin.

-  'De boulevard van Scheveningen'. Kurhaus building and boulevard, 1898

-  'Ex-president Kruger Leaving Hotel de Ville': Paul Kruger, 1900

-  ‘Sound Money Club Parade', 1896.

- William McKinley, President of United States, out riding and in the garden of his residence before his election, in 1897.

- Pope Leo XIII, 1898.

-  ‘Presenting Bouquet to H.M. the Queen in Phoenix Park', Queen Victoria, 1897.

-  The English Royal Family: King Edward VII, George Prince of Wales, and Princess Sophie Edward: three generations.

-  The Dreyfus affair: after the trial. Colonel Juot leaves tribunal of Rennes. Madame Dreyfus and her brother Matthieu en route to the tribunal in 1899.

- Coronation Queen Wilhelmina: Wilhelmina en Emma out riding, 1898.

- The Royal Family on the royal yacht: Princess Wilhelmina and Queen Emma, 1900.

- Emma en Wilhelmina arrive in Amsterdam; carriages at Central Station and on the Damrak, 1898.

- Inauguration Queen Wilhelmina: people on Dam Square, 1898.

- 'Weeshuis-quaestie'; part of the ‘De nieuwe prikkel’ revue, 1899.

 -  ‘The Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland at Amsterdam’. Entry and exit of the Nieuwe Kerk church, the new queen's first carriage ride through Amsterdam and greeting on the balcony of the Royal Palace on Dam Square, 1898.


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Centrale Commissie voor de Filmkeuring (Nationaal Archief, P1524)

Nieuw Weekblad voor de Cinematografie No. 48, 1948

Nieuw Weekblad voor de Cinematografie No. 49, 1948

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