Rondom het Oudekerksplein

Following a method often used on television of combining monologues and interviews with visual impressions not necessarily having a synchronized relationship with the soundtrack, Roeland Kerbosch set out to give an impression of Amsterdam's 'red light district', right in the heart of the Old City around the historic Old Church.

Nederlands in zeven lessen

Partly staged documentary about post-war life in the Netherlands.

An English filmmaker is commissioned to make a film about the Netherlands but has only seven days to complete it. Helped by a number of friendly Dutch people, he manages to capture the spirit of the country. One of them is stewardess Audrey Hepburn, in her first screen appearance. It was to be her only part in a Dutch film.

Dwars door Sumatra

Reportage about Sumatra, with varied images including the arrival of the boat from the Netherlands, the city of Medan, a resort on Lake Toba, a tea plantation, the palace of the Sultan of Deli, and the mosque in Medan.


Documentary about Zaltbommel.

This documentary shows the most important squares, streets, and buildings of Zaltbommel, with shots of the river Waal. We see the market, the water tower, old fortifications, the railway bridge, the St Maartens tower, the carillon tower, and the cable ferry. The film also has footage of a shipyard where ocean ships are built.


Documentary about the inhabitants of Volendam.

Shots of Volendam, Urk, Spakenburg, and Marken were very popular in the early years of film. These villages had much to offer filmically, including their special traditional costumes, picturesque houses, and a charming fishing harbour. In an age where romance and strong traditions were still very much alive, towns like this stirred the imagination. In this film, the Volendammers get a chance to show what they can do.