Oorlog en vrede 1918

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After the death of Gaston de Roqueville, Ninette marries the new manager of the Roqueville Steel-Works, Jean Ducrot. Mario Laurent, thanks to his important invention, has managed to regain a worthy position in society, ably assisted by his wife Anny, and is visited and praised by highly placed persons from the army and navy. With the support of the lawyer Hofman, Mario is put in charge of the factory after Ducrot is demoted. Under the mask of friendship and politeness, Ducrot broods on means to injure his successor and does everything in his power to thwart him. In this he is aided by his wife who is jealous of Anny. The last of the De Roquevilles, Nora, is in a mental hospital where she is haunted by the memories of the shame her son brought upon the family. Charles is released from prison where he has spent time because of the part he played in the treasonous activities of Gaston and Sorga. He tells Mario that he cannot forget Ninette. When he hears of her re-marriage, he joins the army. Ducrot and Ninette, whose jealousy knows no bounds, reproach Mario and Anny, saying that their wealth is the result of the murderous effects of Mario's bombs and has been obtained at the cost of the blood of thousands of victims. Although he no longer touches alcohol, Mario still has a weak nervous system and, hearing these accusations, has feelings of self-reproach and remorse. Anny tries to comfort him, but she too is fearful of the consequences. Feeling that she must do something to atone for what her husband's invention has brought about, Anny goes to the front as a nurse to work for the sick and wounded. In the factory, Ducrot is killed when a block of iron falls on him. Pauline Laurent is the only one who still has faith in her son and, on her death-bed, she adjures Mario to continue his work for the sake of the fatherland. Ninette, finally conscience-stricken by her lack of sisterly love, repents and decides to expiate her past sins. She will devote the rest of her life to looking after her sick brother and to caring for Charles, who has returned blind from the front. Anny comes back and finds her husband dangerously ill. She struggles between her love and what she considers to be her duty, but love is victorious and she stays on as Mario's ever-faithful companion. - The End.


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Oorlog en vrede 1918
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