Mens erger je niet!


Hans and Rietje have just got married. He is a truck driver and often away from home. Rietje's mother feels she knows plenty about the life her son-in-law is leading and sets her daughter against him. Rietje gets a job in a hotel and comes into contact there with a film producer, Pim de la Parra, who has a way of walking around in the nude with his secretary. Hans is so disturbed by this contact of his wife's that he becomes responsible for a road accident. When the case is heard, Rietje takes the blame on herself, but Hans is sentenced to five months in jail all the same.

Rietje then takes her revenge. She seduces a greengrocer into exposing himself and succeeds in persuading the judge, who is interested in group sex, to take part in a foursome in a car. As a result, the judge is caught. This goes on until Hans is free again. By this time his mother-in-law has died, the wild oats have been sown and a harmonious marriage seems in the offing, which is to be deduced from a contented party game in an old people's flat.


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Mens erger je niet!
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Centrale Commmissie Filmkeuring (Nationaal Archief; T473)

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