Frans Rasker

Date of birth


Frans Rasker was born in Roordahuizum. From 1966 to 1969 he took classes at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy. He left the academy to start gaining experience on the job. In 1970, Rasker directed Winterliefde and, two years later, Kapsalon, both of which were short features. He also worked at the time as a production manager at Scorpio, the production company owned by Pim de la Parra and Wim Verstappen. In 1975, Frans Rasker became an independent producer. First he started up Horizon Films with Olga Madsen; a few years later he followed this up with Frans Rasker Film BV.

Until the end of 1991, he primarily made feature films, but he also made dozens of short films, a few documentaries, and a series of commissioned films for various ministries and government organisations. After this, he switched from film to television. He became a programme director for Joop van de Ende Productions. He was responsible for drama series such as Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, Vrienden voor het leven and Vrouwenvleugel.


  1. 1969
    Production organisation
  2. 1969
    Production assistant
  3. 1970
    Production manager
  4. 1971
    Production manager
  5. 1972
    Production manager
  6. 1973
    Production manager
  7. 1974
    Production manager
  8. 1974
    Production manager
  9. 1975
    Production manager
  10. 1975
    Production manager
  11. 1975
    Production coordination
  12. 1975
    Assistant producer
  13. 1977
  14. 1979

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