De overval

War film about a raid on a prison in Leeuwarden in 1944.

On December 8 1944, a number of Frisian resistance fighters raided a prison in Leeuwarden and, without loss of blood, freed dozens of prisoners, among them several leaders of the Leeuwarden resistance and a police inspector. For some of the prisoners, severely weakened by torture, the raid came just in time. De overval paints a sober and unromantic picture of this heroic deed.


Reportage about a shop-window contest in Leeuwarden.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the VVV , a shop-window contest was organized in Leeuwarden. In a series of images, this reportage shows the various shop-windows that were entered in the competition. The names of the shopkeepers are mentioned in the intertitles. At the end, we see the jury making their rounds.