crime film

De inbreker

Thief finds himself serving the cause of justice when he is confronted with the carefully planned caper of businessman Borsen to do away with stripper Fanny.


On a summer evening, at precisely 10.32PM, Inspector Stroomer is informed that an emergency telephone call has been received at the police station.

To Grab the Ring

Driven by his own restlessness and pursued by the henchmen of an underworld figure, American Alfred Lowell journeys through Europe and becomes entangled with women and gangsters in London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. When, finally, he seems to have found peace of mind with a former Paris girlfriend and plans to build a happy future with her in Greece, he is trapped by his pursuers in the train to Athens. He despairs: will he ever be able to escape his past?

The film by Nikolai van der Heyde stars Ben Carruthers, star of John Cassavetes' Shadows.

Naakt over de schutting

For this comedy thriller Frans Weisz has used the same formula that made De inbreker such a success, and cast the same actors in the leading parts.

Rijk de Gooyer, who is particularly at home in this type of role, plays the part of Rick Lemming, the owner of an amusement arcade. Jon Bluming is once again his willing mate but this time as Ed Swaan, head of a karate school. The setting for their various adventures is typically Amsterdam, including the world of television, yellow journalism and disc promotion, seen in a satirical light.

Kleren maken de man

Crime comedy involving a rented tuxedo starring Kees Brusse.

A secret document, a stolen tuxedo, a detective, a chase or two and a baffling chain of events… Nothing seems to faze insurance agent Hans (Kees Brusse) who also finds time to win the heart of a beautiful girl. German director Georg Jacoby’s airy comedy included a raft of well-known Dutch actors, such as Rijk de Gooyer, Lex Goudsmit and Andrea Domburg as well as old hands Johan Kaart and Bernhard Droog.