Liefde waakt


Raymond, a successful artist, discovers pretty Jennie, in an apache saloon. Desirous of obtaining her as a model for his painting of Salomé, he urges her to sit for him. Next day, at the studio, when the artist's back is turned, her natural instinct urges her to steal, but love conquers all and before long she becomes his wife. When the apaches learn of the marriage they plan a scheme of revenge. They attempt to rob the mansion whilst a large fete is in progress and, on seeing a wealthy American handing the artist a cheque for 40,000 francs in payment for a picture, they come to Jennie and command her to steal it for them. She refuses. Taking advantage of an opportune moment, they carry her away and lock her in an old riverside attic. They then plan to steal the cheque themselves. Entering the artist's studio, they rush upon him unawares and bind and gag him. Then, before his very eyes, they mercilessly destroy his treasured and wonderful picture of Jennie.

In her prison, Jennie writes on the seat of a chair asking for help and, throwing it out of the window, awaits the result. Soon it is discovered, and the police rush to her rescue. They hurry to the studio where they catch the thieves in the act of looting the place. Jennie, however, cannot find her husband. After careful investigation the police find him, dressed as a mummy, in a sarcophagus, and they are just in time to save him from a terrible death. Jennie's evil companions are committed to prison and she finds peace and happiness with her husband.


original title
Liefde waakt
foreign release title
Im Dunkel der Nacht
alternative title
De mummie
production year
release date
original distributor
production company


Technical notations

original length
Black & White


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