Gouden ketenen

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Lona, a young woman who has no memories of her past, has been adopted by the rich industrialist Van Haaften. She is loved by Henri van Rhenen, a neighbour whose mother still mourns the loss of her daughter, who disappeared twenty years ago under mysterious circumstances. Lona has another suitor, Frans van Borselen, who hopes to marry her so that he can pay his gambling debts with her foster-father's money.

Van Haaften discovers that Frans has been cheating at cards and offers him a revolver so that he can end his life honourably. In the following argument, Frans accidentally shoots Van Haaften dead. He then forges a last will and testament in which it is suggested that Lona is Mrs van Rhenen's long-lost daughter. When this is read by Lona, it is clear to her that she cannot consider Henri, apparently her brother, as her fiancé.

Telling Henri and his mother nothing, she becomes engaged to Frans. He, still jealous of Henri, attempts to get rid of his rival. First, during a voyage at sea, Frans causes Henri's boat to sink, but Henri escapes. Then, disguised as a tramp, Frans fires a pistol at Henri, but the bullet hits Lona who shields her former sweetheart by throwing herself in front of him. For this crime, Frans is apprehended and imprisoned. In the meantime Henri discovers that it was Frans who killed Van Haaften and that the so-called will was a forgery.

When Frans is in his prison cell, he is visited by his father, the blind, retired Colonel van Borselen, who shoots him dead because he cannot endure the shame that this worthless son has brought upon him and his wife. Henri's sister is found in a village where she has been brought up by a fisherman's family. All ends happily when Lona and Henri are bound together by the golden chains of love.


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Gouden ketenen
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Black & White


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