On a summer evening, at precisely 10.32PM, Inspector Stroomer is informed that an emergency telephone call has been received at the police station.

Monsieur Hawarden

Self-taught film-maker Harry Kümel started his career as scriptwriter for Rik Kuypers and Herman Wuyts. He soon set out shooting films himself, short experimental films (Anna la bonne, after Jean Cocteau), fiction shorts (Tous les parfums de l'Arabie) and documentaries (Uit glas en staal).

Kermis in de regen

Crime film about a petty thief who tries to get a witness to a car robbery killed.

In 1962, the celebrated actor Kees Brusse made his feature film directorial debut with Kermis in de regen (Fair in the rain). It’s a psychological thriller in which a small-time crook robs a car, killing the owner in the process. He then tries to bump off the only witness to the event. Actors Guido de Moor, Ko van Dijk and André van den Heuvel play the lead parts. Brusse’s directive skill were praised: he had managed to tone down Van Dijk’s irrepressibly exuberant acting style.

Gij zult niet dooden

Ruth Herwood, the childless wife of a wealthy naval officer, adopts Mary, the daughter of the drunken cobbler Jones and sends the father to Australia. Mary grows up to beautiful womanhood knowing nothing of her true parentage. Bob, her childhood sweetheart, goes off to seek his fortune.

Onder spiritistischen dwang

Chris Larcher sets up as veterinary surgeon in the little Devonshire village of Wichley, where the last of the squires is Andrew Grain. Pess, the local doctor, who dabbles in spiritualism, professes to receive a message from a spirit whom he calls "The Other Person", and who suggests that Grain should make Chris his heir. The Squire, much impressed by the message, agrees to do so, the young man being a favourite, and makes a will in his favour.


Unaware of its contents, Beets, a kind-hearted merchant captain, delivers to Balthazar, the far from honest owner of a dance-hall in Amsterdam, a packet containing smuggled diamonds that he has been asked to bring from Riga. To avoid paying Beets the reward he has been promised and to double his profit, Balthazar, who is rightly called "The Tiger", shoots the captain in cold blood and, when the body is discovered in the cellar, makes it appear as if Beets has committed suicide.

Gebroken levens

Arie van Galen, after a career as non-commissioned officer in the army in the Dutch East Indies, is now the doorkeeper at an insurance-bank run by De Nessel. De Nessel's son Max is in love with Arie's


Not considering her position secure, Marguerite, the paramour of Legrand, proprietor of a gambling house, marries the middle-aged Matthew Harper after getting a promise that he will immediately make a will in her favour.