De vrouw van den minister


Camilla, an orphan, has been brought up by her aunt, Lady Foxborough, at Winton Towers. One night, at a party, Camilla and Eric Ashlyn, a London business-man, go for a walk to a ruin where they are locked in by the care-taker and are obliged to spend the night. Only jealous Clara, the widow of Lord Headcombe who is in love with Eric, sees them return, but she accepts Camilla's explanation. Eric is called away on account of a financial disaster making it imperative for him to go to America. Camilla, now infatuated with him, writes a letter begging him never to tell anyone about the night in the ruins. The letter is intercepted by Clara. When Eric leaves for the USA, Clara insists on joining him as his wife. She keeps the marriage secret because of her late husband's will: on her remarriage Clara forfeits her interest in the Headcombe estate, a fact she conceals from Eric and the family solicitor. Meanwhile, John Heriot, the Minister of Finance and a guest at Winton Towers, is charmed by Camilla. Although frightened by the memory of her love for Eric, Camilla accepts John's proposal of marriage and soon learns to love this man who offers her security. On their return to England, during a night in the theater, Eric introduces to his wife a friend who is none other than Clara's solicitor. Next morning at his office, Clara is given a few days to repay the monies she has drawn under false pretences. Clara visits a money lender who will help her only if she obtains some information about Heriot's policy. She begs Camilla to give her a hint, but is angrily ordered out of the house. Then Clara remembers the letter and attempts to blackmail Camilla. But as Eric comes home he overhears the conversation. Clara declares that what she did was caused by her love for him. Eric wants to leave her, but thanks to the intervention of Camilla and John, he remains with her.


original title
De vrouw van den minister
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Netherlands, United Kingdom
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Technical notations

original length
Black & White, Tinting


G. Donaldson, Of Joy and Sorrow. A Filmography of Dutch Silent Fiction, Amsterdam (1997), p. 197

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