Bernard Edwin Doxat-Pratt

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Bernard Edwin Doxat-Pratt was a British director who made a number of films in the early 1920s for the companies Anglo-Hollandia-film and Granger-Binger-film. Publicity material from the beginning of the 1920s mentions that Doxat-Pratt was originally an architect.

Before he began directing films for Maurits Binger’s companies, he is believed to have worked for other film companies as a distributor, producer, and art director. During the First World War, he served in the Royal (British) Air Force.

In 1920, Doxat-Pratt moved to Haarlem with his second wife and their three children. His wife and children appeared in some of the films he made for Binger. In 1923, after Binger stopped producing films, Doxat-Pratt probably went back to England. There he wrote several screenplays and made a short documentary, but he earned his living as a structural engineer.

After divorcing from his wife in 1929, he disappeared without a trace. In 1940 he had a chance encounter with his son Norman, but afterwards nothing more was heard from him.


  1. 1919
    Direction advice
  2. 1919
  3. 1920
  4. 1920
    Director, Script writer
  5. 1920
    Director, Script writer
  6. 1920
    Actor, Director
  7. 1920
    Director, Script writer
  8. 1920
  9. 1921
  10. 1921
    Actor, Director
    Captain Lombardie
  11. 1921
  12. 1922
    Script writer
  13. 1922

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