Hard tegen hard


The Hillcrists represent the aristocracy of a small town. Hornblower, a successful pottery owner, buys some land from Jack Hillcrist on condition that he does not turn the cottagers out. However, Hornblower does so and also announces his intention of buying more land and putting up factories right in front of Hillcrist's house. A feud develops between the two families and Hornblower, owing chiefly to the overbearing attitude of the Hillcrists who will not recognize him or his daughter-in-law Chloe, makes up his mind to do all in his power to break their pride. Mrs Hillcrist learns of something discreditable in the past life of Chloe and, in spite of her husband's half-hearted protests, uses her knowledge to force Hornblower to sell back the land he got from them as the price of her secrecy. Hornblower's son Charles suspects his wife and the gossips spread the rumours of her past, which the manufacturer attributes to a lack of faith on the Hillcrists' part. He goes to demand the land back. Chloe tries to commit suicide but is saved. The story ends with the two rivals still bitter enems.


original title
The Skin Game
production year
Netherlands, United Kingdom
original distributor
production company


G. Donaldson, Of Joy and Sorrow. A Filmography of Dutch Silent Fiction, Amsterdam (1997), p. 200

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