Under financial pressure, Maurits H. Binger began working with the English distributor Harry R. Smith of Smith's Film Sales in August of 1919.

Under the name Anglo-Hollandia-film, Binger and Smith produced feature films for the English market, directed by the Brit B.E. Doxat-Pratt. Their first film, Het verborgen leven (The Hidden Life), premiered in February of 1920, even before the film Zonnetje (Joy), which had already been screened for the press in Haarlem in December of 1919.

Binger had five Anglo-Hollandia productions to his name when he switched to another English distributor, A.G. Granger.


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  1. 1919
    Production company
  2. 1919
    Production company
  3. 1920
    Production company
  4. 1920
    Production company
  5. 1920
    Production company
  6. 1920
    Production company

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