On a summer evening, at precisely 10.32PM, Inspector Stroomer is informed that an emergency telephone call has been received at the police station.

De dans van de reiger

Psychological thriller about a love triangle, based on a screenplay by Hugo Claus.

The film takes its theme from the mating dance of the heron.

A woman, dissatisfied with her marriage, tries to goad her husband into ‘dancing’ for her, which may at the same time be interpreted as acceptance of the more playful side of life.


Mavis Keeves is the daughter of a man who by reckless speculations, prompted by Sir Harry Winderbank, comes to ruin and death. She is loved by Harry Winderbank, the baronet's son, but her hatred of the father prevents her appreciating the son. She leaves her native town and takes a situation in a London drapery establishment, where she attracts the attention of Lord Kegworth, who uses every possible means to get her into his power. She is repeatedly rescued from danger by a humble workman.

Mottige Janus

Janus Rechtsom, nicknamed De Mottige (The Pock-Marked), is a sturdy, honest seaman. He does his duty, drinks perhaps a drop too much, but has a heart of gold that belongs to Lena Doorn, the girl next-door. Lena, an orphan, spends much time with father Gijs and son Janus Rechtsom. She is now a governess looking after two children. Although engaged to Janus, she listens gladly to the flattery of Frans van Klarenberghe who, although of good family, is a rake for whom no woman is sacred. Frans tells Lena that she is far too good to marry a pock-marked sailor and that she was born to be a lady.


Not considering her position secure, Marguerite, the paramour of Legrand, proprietor of a gambling house, marries the middle-aged Matthew Harper after getting a promise that he will immediately make a will in her favour.

Toen 't licht verdween

When the composer Pietro Cignoni meets Sylvia and Lyda, the daughters of barrister Gio Romano, he and Sylvia fall in love and eventually marry. Sylvia is unaware of how jealous her younger sister is. Even more jealous is the organist Rosni who for years has adored Sylvia in silence, not daring to ask her to marry him because he is a hunchback. Together Sylvia and Pietro enjoy five years of wedded bliss and are happy with their darling daughter, Renée. Then Sylvia notices that her eyesight is gradually failing and learns that only an operation can perhaps save her from total blindness.