Graaf Willem IV van Holland


Holland 1345. Johanna loves Reinout, but her betrothal is forbidden by her brother John, because the two families belong to rival parties. Reinout is an officer in the army of William IV of Holland. Yielding to her lover's wish, Johanna meets him at night. They ride off to Reinout's camp. John, discovering his sister's absence, pursues the couple, but has to abandon the chase.

Back at his castle, he makes a proclamation of his grievance and sends this as a challenge to the enemy's camp. Reinout replies with a counter-challenge. John, with his friend, Henkin of Gent, decides to carry off Johanna from their camp. Their attempt is successful. In spite of his sister's pleadings, John locks her in a dungeon. Gerrit goes in pursuit, and while the camp is deserted Henkin tears down William's standard. Reinout returns and witnesses this desecration. A fierce duel of swords results in the death of Henkin. At that moment the signal of William's approach is heard. William lands with his troops, and riding to camp is informed of the desecration of the flag. He decides to attack John's castle. Before the attack begins, a herald summons the castle to surrender. After a consultation between John, his father and the knights, the warriors mount the battlements and defy the attackers. The siege is successful, and after a fruitless defence the enemies are driven back into the hall. There Johanna's father and John are compelled to hand over their swords. Johanna is instrumental in bringing about a reconciliation between the enemies, and gains consent to her betrothal to Reinout.


original title
Graaf Willem IV van Holland
foreign release title
Earl William IV of Holland
alternative title
Graaf Willem van Holland
production year
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geographical names
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Nieuws van de Dag, 17 augustus 1912

Geoffrey Donaldson, Of Joy and Sorrow. A Filmography of Dutch Silent Fiction, Amsterdam 1997, pp. 89-90

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