Drie jongens en een hond

Children’s film about a disabled boy whose faithful dog is stolen.

Jantje is an orphan who lives with his grandfather. His only real friend is Nero, his dog. One day Nero is stolen by a vagrant who wants to sell him. The dog attacks him and the man then tries to drown the dog. Fortunately, he is saved by three boys.

Meanwhile, Jantje’s grandfather has issued a reward of fifty guilders for the person who can bring back the dog. The vagrant reads this and tries to steal the dog again. But the boys manage to stop him and Nero and his master are happily reunited.

Een mens was te veel

Dramatised propaganda film for Christian medical care.

Young Nora suffers from an unspecified disease and is languishing away. Help arrives too late and she dies. The emphasis in the film, however, is on exposing abuses in a number of rest homes where money is more important than people. Next, the film shows that things can be different; there are also professional rest homes where the patient is the most important aspect.

Twee jongens en een oude auto

Children’s film about two boys who a travelling around in South America in a battered old car.

Two Dutch boys find themselves in the middle of a revolution in an unspecified South American country. When the local population is threatened by a killer disease, the two boys set out to find a cure in the jungle. The film was shot entirely on location in Limburg.