Along the Road 2: Passing By

Second part of a nine-part series of short films about roadside events, seen from an unusual point of view.

People and machines pass each other at different locations. Images of a cemetery with a grieving woman and an excavator in the background. A Scandinavian dinner in the Euromast where window cleaners clean windows imperturbably.

Op de Hollandse toer

Popular Dutch entertainer Wim Sonneveld returned to cinemas with this film directed by Harry Booth, the man behind British hits On the Buses and Mutiny on the Buses.

Sonneveld stars as a scatterbrained but imaginative courier with a genius for improvisation, Robbie Henegouwen de Boer. Robbie has only worked for a tour operator for two months, when he is tasked with showing an international coach party around after a colleague is suddenly fired.

Because of the Cats

A thriller written by Hugo Claus, based on a novel by British author Nicolas Freeling.

The search for the culprits in a case of a violent rape takes an Amsterdam police inspector to a nearby garden city where he picks up the trail of a gang of youngsters from rich homes. Divided into gangs the Ravens and the Cats, they take part in violent crimes and strange rites. The inspector manages to disband the gangs and settle the score with the evil, Charles Manson-esque genius behind the scenes.