De zaak M.P.

Comedy about the theft of the Brussels statue of Manneken Pis.

Kamiel (Albert Mol) steals the famous statue to impress his girlfriend Denise, the daughter of the man who is supposed to guard it (Ko van Dijk). The Belgians think the Dutch have stolen their statue and hit back by stealing the statue of Hansje Brink, the little boy with his finger in the dike. Emotions are running high but in the end the statues are returned to their respective countries. Kamiel and Denise live happily ever after.


Pallieter lives together with his girlfriend in a stifling occult atmosphere which drives her to suicide. From this moment on, Pallieter becomes an acolyte of nature, renouncing everything connected with his past and embracing life with a childlike enthusiasm. He reacts strongly to technological progress and the environmenntal decay which accompanies it.

Monsieur Hawarden

Self-taught film-maker Harry Kümel started his career as scriptwriter for Rik Kuypers and Herman Wuyts. He soon set out shooting films himself, short experimental films (Anna la bonne, after Jean Cocteau), fiction shorts (Tous les parfums de l'Arabie) and documentaries (Uit glas en staal).