Mottige Janus

Janus Rechtsom, nicknamed De Mottige (The Pock-Marked), is a sturdy, honest seaman. He does his duty, drinks perhaps a drop too much, but has a heart of gold that belongs to Lena Doorn, the girl next-door. Lena, an orphan, spends much time with father Gijs and son Janus Rechtsom. She is now a governess looking after two children. Although engaged to Janus, she listens gladly to the flattery of Frans van Klarenberghe who, although of good family, is a rake for whom no woman is sacred. Frans tells Lena that she is far too good to marry a pock-marked sailor and that she was born to be a lady.


Margareet Barker loves Steven Wilmott, a medical student and her father's protégé. Before Mr Barker dies of heart-failure, he makes Steven promise to take care of his penniless daughter.


Henry Wilmore, the "lord of the manor", recalls his son Lennard from Holland to marry Helen Plugenet, an heiress, in order to save the family fortunes.

De kroon der schande

Melodrama about a woman whose father forbids her to marry the man she loves.

Jess Newton, expecting to spend her holidays alone at her boarding school in England, receives a letter from her father asking her to come to him. Since the death of his wife, Mr Newton has been prospecting in Africa, where the discovery of a diamond mine has made him a wealthy man. At the railway station Jess is pestered by Hubert Clave, but protected by his cousin Bruce, the son of Lord Ravenhurst. It is next to the Ravenhurst estate that Newton has bought a mansion.