Kijkjes tijdens de groote kaatspartij te Franeker

Reportage about a pelota match held on August 4, 1920, in Franeker.

The film opens with shots of a parade through the city, a band, and dignitaries riding in a carriage. The bleachers surrounding the field are filled to the last seat. From a special 'tent', the board watches the match, which is played fanatically. Afterwards, the players pose for the camera. The film also contains footage of the audience, who consists almost entirely of men. Finally, we see a tribute being paid to the champions.


Reportage about a shop-window contest in Leeuwarden.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the VVV , a shop-window contest was organized in Leeuwarden. In a series of images, this reportage shows the various shop-windows that were entered in the competition. The names of the shopkeepers are mentioned in the intertitles. At the end, we see the jury making their rounds.