De vliegende Hollander

Biopic about the pioneer years of airplane builder Anthony Fokker.

After a fight with his teacher, headstrong Anthony Fokker refuses to go back to his old school in Haarlem. He goes to a technical college in Mainz instead where he talks his teachers into including airplane design in the curriculum. Fokker is soon building a prototype of his 'Spider' plane.

Van Berkel eendekker aan de grond

Short item about the Van Berkel seaplane.

The Rotterdam engineering factory Van Berkel was well known for its meat-slicers and scales. But between 1918 and 1921, Van Berkel, commissioned by the Department of Navy and Colonies, also designed two types of seaplanes: the Van Berkel W-A and the Van Berkel W-B.

The film shows several men pushing a Van Berkel seaplane into the water.