aerial shots


Documentary about Schoonhoven.

After a panoramic shot of Schoonhoven, we see its most important streets, squares, and buildings, with a special focus on the newly planted gardens and the departure of a radar-boat on the river Lek. The film ends with images of silversmiths at work. Schoonhoven enjoys national renown because of its silver industry.

Een oud keizerrijk

Documentary about the town of Amerongen.

‘Amerongen: a previously unknown Dutch village, but since 1919 ... a famous royal resort’. With this text, filmmaker Willy Mullens begins this short promotional film, which was made for the municipality of Amerongen. The film begins like a typical ‘city film’, including the panoramic opening shot of Amerongen and its surroundings, but half-way through begin to focus on Amerongen’s most famous resident: Wilhelm II, the former Emperor of Germany.


Documentary about Medemblik.

In an extensive introduction, this documentary refers to the long history of the town of Medemblik, which begins as early as 344 AD. The town was built on the site where, according to legend, the Frisian King Radboud (c. 680 - 719) built a fortress.

Leger- en vlootfilm

Propaganda Film About the Dutch Military.

Holland neutraal (Neutral Holland) is this film’s subtitle, which was meant to show that the Dutch armed forces are very much prepared to guarantee the Netherlands’ neutrality in World War One. The more than 2.5-hour film was made by Willy Mullens in 1917, when other Western European armies had become numbed after three long years in the trenches. The footage in the Army and Navy Film depicts a relatively high-spirited mood, considering how the Dutch military had mobilized but not actually participated in the war.