Hip-Hip-Hip voor de Antikrist

Book adaptation of the novel Hip-Hip-Hip voor de Antikrist by Heere Heeresma.

To hasten the return of Christ, the world is transformed into a den of iniquity, a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. On the grounds of the psychiatric institution called ‘Hoop doet leven’ (‘Hope brings life’), an aristocratic family with grown children and two servants get up to all sorts of sinful acts and orgiastic meals which are vaguely reminiscent of Marco Ferreri's La grande bouffe (1973).

Turks fruit

A sort of Dutch take on Love Story, but without the sentimentality. Paul Verhoeven's adaptation of Jan Wolkers’ best-selling novel broke all box office records. Humour and tragedy, violence and tenderness, love and death are all taken as much for granted as in real life.

Pim Pandoer in het nauw

This film is based on two books: ‘Pim Pandoer, de schrik van de Imbosch’ (Pim Pandoer, the Terror of the Imbosch) and ‘Pim Pandoer in het web van de Rode Spin’ (Pim Pandoer in the Red Spider's Web), which serves as a guarantee for exciting adventures, centring in part on a home-made submarine, the target of the Red Spider's evil manipulations.

Because of the Cats

A thriller written by Hugo Claus, based on a novel by British author Nicolas Freeling.

The search for the culprits in a case of a violent rape takes an Amsterdam police inspector to a nearby garden city where he picks up the trail of a gang of youngsters from rich homes. Divided into gangs the Ravens and the Cats, they take part in violent crimes and strange rites. The inspector manages to disband the gangs and settle the score with the evil, Charles Manson-esque genius behind the scenes.


Pallieter lives together with his girlfriend in a stifling occult atmosphere which drives her to suicide. From this moment on, Pallieter becomes an acolyte of nature, renouncing everything connected with his past and embracing life with a childlike enthusiasm. He reacts strongly to technological progress and the environmenntal decay which accompanies it.

Help, de dokter verzuipt

The bestseller on which this comedy was based provided director Nikolai van der Heyde with plenty of picturesque atmosphere as the basis of a sparkling village adventure, set in the late 1920s.

Everyday life proceeds in its lazy rhythm around the leading figure, a country doctor. When he falls hopelessly in love with the frail young school mistress, he realises how inexperienced he is in this field. It seems the course of true love will not run smooth for him, but he is aided and abetted by the village's pastor, who has little authority but plenty of good spirits.