Karel Doing

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Karel Doing studied at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem. Since the early 1990s, he has been making experimental films and carrying out performances and multimedia events with other artists and musicians. He worked for a long time with Pierre Bastien, a French musician and maker of sound machines.

Doing is also the curator of many film and multimedia programs, and is the co-founder of De Filmbank.

In 1989, he founded Studio één, with together with Djana Mileta and Saskia Fransen. Studio één was a workshop for experimental filmmakers, and its services included making copies of Super8 and 16mm films, and making blow-ups from Super8 to 16mm. The facilities were later expanded to include film developing. The studio quickly became well-known, and was a major influence on the development of experimental film in the Netherlands in the early 1990s.

In 1995, Studio One moved from Arnhem to Rotterdam. Since the beginning of the current century, Doing has increasingly concentrated on producing films. The laboratory tasks were taken over by new initiatives such as De Filmwerkplaats in Rotterdam, SuperSens in Amsterdam, and Frank Bruinsma’s Super8 Reversal Lab. In recent years, Doing has been living and working in London.

In 2011, Doing made the short film Liquidator using archival material from EYE, for which he received a Focal Award in London in 2012.


  1. 1990
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  2. 1991
    Director, Editing, Producer
  3. 1992
    Director, Producer
  4. 1993
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  5. 1993
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  6. 1994
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  7. 1994
  8. 1995
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer, Script writer
  9. 1995
    Camera, Director, Producer
  10. 1995
    Camera, Director, Producer
  11. 1996
  12. 1997
    Art director, Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  13. 1997
  14. 1998
    Camera, Director
  15. 1998
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer, Script writer
  16. 1999
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  17. 2000
    Director, Producer, Script writer
  18. 2003
  19. 2007
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer

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