André Boesnach

Date of birth
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André Boesnach was the son of comedienne Adriënne Solser. He was the general manager of, and a director at, Hollando-Belgica Film Mij. Eureka, a production company established by his mother. This company produced four comic feature films starring Adriënne Solser as Amsterdam’s working-class woman ‘Bet’.

Boesnach directed the third of these films, Bet zit in de penarie. He did not manage to complete the fourth film, Bet naar de olympiade, as he died of a lung infection during filming. The direction was taken over by Theo Frenkel Sr.


  1. 1924
  2. 1925
    Actor, Producer, Script writer
  3. 1926
    Director, Producer
  4. 1928
    Script writer

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