Hollando-Belgica Film Mij. Eureka


Hollando-Belgica Film Mij. Eureka was the film company behind the so-called 'Bet' films made by Adriënne Solser. The general manager of the company was Solser's son, the director André Boesnach.

Eureka used the studios of other companies in Amsterdam and Rotterdam until the company opened its own studio on the Tuinlaan in Schiedam on September 22, 1927. Yet very little actually came of these ambitious plans: half a year after its founding, André Boesnach died at a young age. Adriënne Solser took over the leadership, but failed to make the studio profitable.

In 1928, Eureka was taken over by a new company: the IFI of Piet Köhler and Eduard IJdo.

Apart from four 'Bet' films, Eureka produced a number of short local films. The inventory of the studio was sold in 1931 to Electra, the Rotterdam-based sound-film company of Frits Prinsen and Willem Rienks.


Date of erection: 
Date of liquidation: 


  1. 1924
    Applicant inspection, Original distributor, Production company
  2. 1925
    Original distributor, Production company
  3. 1926
    Original distributor, Production company
  4. 1928
    Applicant inspection, Original distributor, Production company

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