Roze Kate


Jacob and Simon, a wheelwright's sons, are jealous of their brother Everhard, who finds favour with Rose-Kate. Their father receives a visit from Jan Meerlo, an old-time lover of his wife. The father notices the quarrel between the brothers. He reproves them for neglecting their work, and says he will show them how it ought to be done. He overexerts himself, collapses and dies. Three months later Meerlo offers himself to Cornelia, the widow, and is accepted. The brothers witness their meeting. Later, an uncle tells them that in the event of their mother marrying, they will lose all their father left them. A party assembles to celebrate the betrothal. Everhard refuses to join in the celebration. When the guests are departed, Everhard wishes his mother well, and she joins his hands with those of Rose-Kate. By-and-by, Jacob and Simon steal towards their mother's apartment. They are armed with a knife. Simon hangs back, but Jacob drags his brother after him in the direction where the mother lies sleeping. We do not see the crime committed, but that it has been committed is clear. Disturbed, Everhard comes to investigate, and returns holding the blood-stained knife. Rose-Kate discovers him with the knife, then the rest of the household clamour around, and the brothers accuse Everhard. He is arrested, tried and found guilty. He is condemned to death, but Rose-Kate and her friend Walkier believe Everhard to be innocent. Rose-Kate professes to make love to both the brothers in turn. Jacob is angered when he enters the forge and finds Simon enjoying her favours. The brothers accuse each other. A duel with sledge hammers follows and both brothers fall mortally wounded. Before he expires, Jacob writes a confession. With the document Rose-Kate, mounting her horse, sets out on her race for life. Meanwhile at the prison the procession to the execution ground has started and when Rose-Kate, breathless, arrives at the gloomy portals, it is to learn that her beloved is on his way to meet his fate. Mounting her horse she sets off in pursuit and arrives at the critical moment. This happy result achieved, we leave them amidst the congratulations of their friends.


original title
Roze Kate
foreign release title
A Race for Life
alternative title
Het treurspel der smeden
production year
release date
original distributor
production company

Technical notations

original length
Black & White


Nieuws van de Dag, 3 april 1912
H. Rijken, Filmgeschiedenis van Hoorn, Hoorn (1995)
G. Donaldson, Of Joy and Sorrow. A Filmography of Dutch Silent Fiction, Amsterdam (1997), pp. 86-87

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