Een ochtend van zes weken


Jimmy, a racing driver meets Annette, a model from Paris at the Zandvoort circuit.

They both use their work as a means of escape, and during their brief affair neither of the two has the courage to be their true self. The subsequent series of misunderstandings between them causes Annette to decide to return to Paris when her work in Amsterdam is finished. In this process of growth, of reaching maturity, Jimmy loses not only the girl he loves but also his self-assurance, and he has no choice but to abandon his racing career.

Director Nikolai van der Heyde was a contemporary of Pim de la Parra and Wim Verstappen. This film, his debut, was very well-received, with filmjournalist Jan Blokker heralding Van der Heyde as someone who would help shape the future of Dutch cinema. However, some of his later films, De dwaze lotgevallen van Sherlock Jones and Nitwits, were widely derided.


original title
Een ochtend van zes weken
alternative title
De gang
Un printemps en Hollande
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Centrale Commissie voor de Filmkeuring (Nationaal Archief; I211)

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