De damescoupeur


Jacques, the ladies' tailor of the fashion house The Four Seasons, has for many years been on friendly terms with Polly, the cashier. Polly is very keen to marry him, but Jacques is hopelessly in love with Lily, the daughter of Madame Georgette, the owner of the fashion house. Lily, however, is too proud to have anything to do with a member of her mother's personnel. Jacques is kept busy taking the measurements of the customers as far as necessary and often when not necessary at all. One day, while Jacques is busy with a client, a man from the lottery office comes to the shop to inform Jacques that he has won the first prize, 100,000 guilders. Georgette, fearing that Jacques will no longer wish to remain with her as tailor, gets the mannequins to detain the lottery man in conversation while she arranges for Jacques to sign a contract that binds him to stay working in The Four Seasons for a long time. Jacques is delighted with the contract, but still knows nothing about his prize.

Once it is known that Jacques is rich, the girls in the studio press him to give a party. Every night he is the hero of Café de Paris, where he spends large sums on the girls. However, his contract keeps reminding him that he is still only a tailor. He cleverly manages to get possession of the contract and then settles down in his villa in Seaport. He invites Georgette and the mannequins to visit him. While Jacques is entertaining the girls, Georgette finds the contract where Jacques has hidden it: in his bathing machine. Now she has the contract once more in her hands, Georgette reminds her tailor of his obligations. When Jacques enters the studio again he finds Lily holding his portrait in front of her. Is it possible that she loves him? Yes! The ladies' tailor hurries with Lily to the fitting-room in order to take the measurements for her wedding-gown. Before long, the tailor leaves, quickly to return as manager of the fashion house The Four Seasons.


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De damescoupeur
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Black & White


G. Donaldson, Of Joy and Sorrow. A Filmography of Dutch Silent Fiction, Amsterdam (1997), pp. 187-188

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