De aanranding op het Frederiksplein


When Mr Jansen has to leave Amsterdam on a business trip to Watergraafsmeer, his young wife accompanies him to the railway station. On her way back home, when crossing Frederik's Square, she is accosted by Sintradelius, a lady-killer who declares that he has fallen in love with her pretty face. Mrs Jansen scornfully disregards him, but her admirer follows her all the way home. She and Aaltje, the maidservant, manage to slam the door before the Don Juan can enter. Along comes Mina, a robust fishwife, who, when offered ten guilders, promises to keep Sintradelius at bay. Aaltje sets the gramophone going and Mina installs herself on the divan to enjoy a glass of liqueur. Jansen comes home earlier than expected. When he enters his drawing-room he is surprised to see an unknown woman lying there. Mina sees him and believes that he is the wretch from Frederik's Square. She throws him down the stairs and onto the pavement. Then she returns to the divan for another liqueur and a cigarette.

Jansen tells his tale of woe to a passing policeman who sends him to the nearest police-station. There he hears that it will be a fortnight before his case can be handled. In desperation, Jansen goes to a neighbour, a porter. He gets himself shut up in a chest and asks the porter to deliver the chest to Mrs Jansen, saying that it is her husband's luggage. When the chest is in the room, Jansen opens the lid and is horrified to see that the monstrous woman is still there. He hastily resumes his hiding place, but too late. Mina has seen him. A moment later the chest is hurled out of the window. Bruised and battered, Jansen lies on the footpath where his wife succours him and explains the situation. Jansen then has to pay Mina the reward for her having so fiercely protected his wife.


original title
De aanranding op het Frederiksplein
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Black & White


G. Donaldson, Of Joy and Sorrow. A Filmography of Dutch Silent Fiction, Amsterdam (1997), pp. 186-187

Algemeen Handelsblad, 23 oktober 1919

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