In 1924, filmmaker J.C. Mol founded, in Bloemendaal, the Bureau voor Wetenschappelijke (Fotografie en) Kinematografie, a production company for scientific films. The company specialized in microscopic footage and films in which time was manipulated using slow-motion and sped-up images.

In April of 1927, the name was changed to Multifilm, and the company moved to Filmfabriek Hollandia’s former complex in Haarlem. Because of new legislation, the statutes were not approved until November of 1928, which is why some sources list 1928 as the year of the company's establishment.

With his cameraman Chr. Pointl, J.C. Mol made the film Uit het rijk der kristallen. This film was a huge success, in avant-garde circles as well. Around 1930, Pointl was appointed head of the company’s industrial, corporate, advertising, and nature films, while Mol led the scientific department for educational films, in addition to microscopic and medical productions.

Until the Second World War, Multifilm produced many scientific documentaries and corporate films. The company also served as a sound laboratory for many Dutch productions.

In the late 1930s, the company set up the Multifilm-Batavia branch in the Dutch East Indies.


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  1. 1929
    Production company
  2. 1929
    Production company
  3. 1938
    Applicant inspection, Production company
  4. 1943
    Recording studio (corp)
  5. 1946
    Production company, Dubbing studio
  6. 1947
    Applicant inspection, Production company
  7. 1956
    Applicant inspection, Production company, Recording studio (corp)

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