adventure film


A Douglas DC-3 and its pilot play the leading roles in a story which switches to and fro between the beautiful natural landscape of the Antilles and the chilly, grey environment of a less exciting Holland.

Pipo en de piraten van toen

Children’s film about Pipo de Clown, a well-known character from television.

After Plom’s doll is stolen by a sailor, Pipo de Clown, Mammalou, Klukkluk and Plom chase after him. On the island Rarumba they come eye to eye with a menacing but sad pirate who stole the doll from Plom because it looked exactly like his son, who has disappeared. After Pipo finds and returns the pirate’s son to his father, the clown and his mates can return to their caravan in the Netherlands.

Twee jongens en een oude auto

Children’s film about two boys who a travelling around in South America in a battered old car.

Two Dutch boys find themselves in the middle of a revolution in an unspecified South American country. When the local population is threatened by a killer disease, the two boys set out to find a cure in the jungle. The film was shot entirely on location in Limburg.