mistaken identity

Monsieur Hawarden

Self-taught film-maker Harry K├╝mel started his career as scriptwriter for Rik Kuypers and Herman Wuyts. He soon set out shooting films himself, short experimental films (Anna la bonne, after Jean Cocteau), fiction shorts (Tous les parfums de l'Arabie) and documentaries (Uit glas en staal).

De dood van Apotheker Dekkinga

Romantic crime film about a chemist who takes on a new identity.

During a row with his housekeeper, village chemist Dekkinga throws an object at her head and mistakenly thinks he has killed her. He flees and when he hitches a ride on a truck, the driver hits and kills a man. The dead man, a certain Van Dieren, bears an uncanny resemblance to Dekkinga who takes on his identity.