De zaak M.P.

Comedy about the theft of the Brussels statue of Manneken Pis.

Kamiel (Albert Mol) steals the famous statue to impress his girlfriend Denise, the daughter of the man who is supposed to guard it (Ko van Dijk). The Belgians think the Dutch have stolen their statue and hit back by stealing the statue of Hansje Brink, the little boy with his finger in the dike. Emotions are running high but in the end the statues are returned to their respective countries. Kamiel and Denise live happily ever after.

Oom Ferdinand en de toverdrank

A magic potion which can make a person invisible plays an important part in this children’s film, full of crazy developments.

So do two naughty good-for-nothings who don’t shrink from stealing when cream cakes are within hand’s reach. There is an exciting chase by boat and car and when a pastry chef’s bakery comes into sight, the inevitable custard pie-throwing scene is, of course, bound to follow.

Kees, de zoon van de stroper

Children's film about the son of a poacher who is unfairly accused of stealing.

Kees, the son of a poacher, wants to be in the local boys' club but is turned down. He is friends with a painter who lodges with a poor fisherman's wife in a house in the dunes. When the painter goes away on his travels he gives Kees thirty guilders because he is worried about him. Meanwhile the police are after Kees' father who is hiding in a place only the painter, Kees and his friend Jaap know about.

Kleren maken de man

Crime comedy involving a rented tuxedo starring Kees Brusse.

A secret document, a stolen tuxedo, a detective, a chase or two and a baffling chain of events… Nothing seems to faze insurance agent Hans (Kees Brusse) who also finds time to win the heart of a beautiful girl. German director Georg Jacoby’s airy comedy included a raft of well-known Dutch actors, such as Rijk de Gooyer, Lex Goudsmit and Andrea Domburg as well as old hands Johan Kaart and Bernhard Droog.

Dik Trom en zijn dorpsgenoten

Comical children’s film adapted from a well-known book by C. Joh. Kievit. Scoundrel Dik Trom twice comes to the aid of an old woman in his village.

Dik Trom collects money for Oude Kee, a poor, elderly woman in his village. With the money she can buy an organ and use it to earn a living. A part of the money Dik Trom collected is stolen by Oude Kee’s nephew. Our hero decides to set this straight and goes after the thief.

Kermis in de regen

Crime film about a petty thief who tries to get a witness to a car robbery killed.

In 1962, the celebrated actor Kees Brusse made his feature film directorial debut with Kermis in de regen (Fair in the rain). It’s a psychological thriller in which a small-time crook robs a car, killing the owner in the process. He then tries to bump off the only witness to the event. Actors Guido de Moor, Ko van Dijk and André van den Heuvel play the lead parts. Brusse’s directive skill were praised: he had managed to tone down Van Dijk’s irrepressibly exuberant acting style.