Kees, de zoon van de stroper

Children's film about the son of a poacher who is unfairly accused of stealing.

Kees, the son of a poacher, wants to be in the local boys' club but is turned down. He is friends with a painter who lodges with a poor fisherman's wife in a house in the dunes. When the painter goes away on his travels he gives Kees thirty guilders because he is worried about him. Meanwhile the police are after Kees' father who is hiding in a place only the painter, Kees and his friend Jaap know about.

Ciske de Rat

Social drama around a street urchin who kills his mother in a fit of anger.

Ciske de Rat brought the first two instalments of Piet Bakker’s famous trilogy about Amsterdam street urchin Ciske Vrijmoet to the screen.

Ciske’s father is at sea and his cruel mother neglects him. The only people who care about what happens to him are schoolmaster Bruis and his father’s new girlfriend aunt Jans. When Ciske accidentally kills his mother by throwing a knife at her in a fit of anger, he is sent to reform school. It looks as if he will be marked for life.

Een vreemde vogel

First and only feature length film directed by lyricist Lennaert Nijgh in which a young man tries to come to terms with his father’s wartime past.

A student has written a play for his school’s annual theatre performance. When it turns out that the boy has exposed his father’s dubious behaviour during the war, the question that has to be asked is: should the play be staged or not?