De Wieringermeer - juli 1948

Images of the recovery of the Wieringermeer polder after the Second World War.

Images of the Wieringermeer polder and its villages Middenmeer, Slootdorp and particularly Wieringerwerf. The film revolves around the aftermath of the flood of 1945, when retreating German troops had blown up parts of the Wieringermeer dyke.

Herwinnen door werken

Herwinnen door werken, subtitled How we saw Netherlands - is a filmed colour portrait of Netherlands just after the Second World War. Immediately after the liberation of Deventer in April 1945, Alex Roosdorp and his wife Marie Roosdorp-van den Berg beganĀ filming of the devastation around them: wrecked towns, destroyed infrastructure and floodplains.


Images of land reclamation and the subsequent cultivation of the new polder land, for the purpose of increasing the area of arable land in the Netherlands. The harvesting of various crops is shown.