To Grab the Ring

Driven by his own restlessness and pursued by the henchmen of an underworld figure, American Alfred Lowell journeys through Europe and becomes entangled with women and gangsters in London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. When, finally, he seems to have found peace of mind with a former Paris girlfriend and plans to build a happy future with her in Greece, he is trapped by his pursuers in the train to Athens. He despairs: will he ever be able to escape his past?

The film by Nikolai van der Heyde stars Ben Carruthers, star of John Cassavetes' Shadows.

Notre Dame de la Mouise

Social drama about a parish priest in a Parisian slum.

In a slum, ironically called 'California', on the outskirts of Paris, the poor lead a miserable existence. A young, idealistic priest who works among them builds a 'cathedral' with his own hands, Our Lady of the Slums, earning him the respect of the sceptical Californians.

Kee en Janus naar Parijs

Kee has been a widow for seven years when she meets the jolly butcher Meiblom, who wins her heart because, like her first husband, his name is Janus. After some time she tells her daughter and son that she intends to marry for a second time. The wedding party is attended by Rinus, Hein, Gerrit and all their other friends from the Jordaan, the working-class quarter of Amsterdam.